Ready for the harvest


On the Domain there are many relics from Roman times. The Romans not only gave their name to the Provence, « the Provincia Romana », but they also brought the culture of the vine in early AD.

The Domain of Cantarelle was founded in 1974 and developed by the Dieudonné family in the 2000s to became the largest private vineyard of ​​the Coteaux Varois en Provence AOC.

The authenticity of the terroir, its colors, its perfumes, its landscapes  immediately seduced Pascal Debon who became the owner of the Domain in 2017. A new adventure began with significant investments in the vineyard and in the wine making equipment for even better quality wines. The Domain is certified as High Environmental Value level 3 (HVE3).


The vines situated in altitude benefit from a clay and limestone soil and from  good sunshine which  allow the wine to preserve its freshness and acidity.

The violent and capricious wind of Provence, the mistral, has a remarkable impact on the vineyard, it is very dry and protects the vines from attacks of moisture-related diseases.

Domaine de Cantarelle


The rosés of Cantarelle are expressive, fresh and top quality, thanks to high precision winemaking : slow fermentation at a controlled temperature, maceration of lees and expert know-how for blending different grape varieties.

Cantarelle Gin de Provence is a gourmet and aromatic Gin. It is distilled in the Domaine exclusively from Provence grapes. Its aromas are 100% natural.